What is Self-reflection?

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Tuesday 1 August 2023

What is self-reflection? It is a process that involves looking at our thoughts, feelings, actions, and motivation to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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What is Self-reflection?

It is a process that involves looking at our thoughts, feelings, actions, and motivation. Its a way to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. It’s a skill that can help us to develop and contribute to our personal growth.

By reflecting inward, you can build your self-concept, which is an important part of your identity. (Verywellmind.com).

Our self-concept is our own thoughts about our traits, abilities, beliefs, and values as well as our relationships and our roles in life.

It plays an influential role in your mood, judgment, and behavioural patternsActive self-reflection can help grow your understanding of who you are, what values you believe in, and why you think and act the way you do. (verywellmind.com)

Self-reflection can be practiced in many ways… Finding a quiet space to think things through, journalling, focussing, meditating to name a few.

Counselling for self reflection

Counselling can also help if we feel unsure how or where to begin the process. A counsellor can help us develop self-awareness which can help to deepen our understanding of who we are thus enabling self-reflection.

Self-reflection should not be confused with self-criticism or self-judgement. It should instead be a compassionate, non-judgemental positive process that helps us to gain therapeutic growth.

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